Kai's Care

Veterinary Assistance Program

Meet Kai!

Kai is the true image of a Kootenay dog. Maybank Mobile was first introduced to this sweet soul when her owner reached out, hoping to make Kai as comfortable as possible in her golden years of life. Receiving appropriate support for this senior lady was so important to her owner that he was inspired to “pay it forward” to other senior dogs in need of medical support.

Kai’s owner made a donation to be used for pets in need, when costs were a limiting factor in their care. It is with this kind hearted donation, that Maybank Mobile has been able to establish Kai’s Care; a veterinary assistance fund for senior pets. These funds will be used to help with comfort and pain control for those pets who need it most.

If this is a cause that is important to you, and if you are in a position to pay it forward to other pets in your community, you can contact us at maybankmobilevet@gmail.com to donate.