Pet Loss Support

The bonds we form with our pets are undeniably strong. The love they bring into our lives is unconditional, which makes saying goodbye to them that much harder. For many people losing a pet can be comparable to the loss of a human friend or family member, and during these times it is important to reach out for support. Below is a list of resources that may be helpful in seeing you through the grieving process.

Online Resources

Counselling and Pet Support Groups


  • When Your Pet Dies: A Guide to Mourning, Remembering and Healing by Alan D. Wolfelt, PhD
  • Goodbye, Friend: Healing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has Ever Lost a Pet by Gary Kowalski
  • Pet Loss and Children: Helping Your Child Cope with the Loss of a Pet by Erainna Winnett
  • Children and Pet Loss: A Guide for Helping by Marty Tousley
  • Coping with Sorrow on the Loss of Your Pet by Moira Anderson Allen
  • Healing Your Heart From Pet Loss Grief: Five Steps To Begin Your Journey by Wendy Van de Poll